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I still remember how my mother’s attitude to  workers who work in our farm.

And I still remember how my mother reprimanded me, because my attitude was not polite to them.

That day I followed mother to the rice fields. Mom will delivering lunch for the workers. (Lunch time workers in the field in my country is around 9am).
Mom uses the old way of plow the rice fields, using buffalo, intended to get a better harvest. So mom rented  buffalos and its owner.

Actually I don’t want to go to the field, if I had not heard  story of my  friends, about how they were having fun while playing in the fields that are plowed.

I know, I did not have enough time in the field, because when they are done lunch, I have to follow mother to go home.
While waiting for workers eating and smoking, mom picking vegetables in another field. And I don’t  follow her, because I want to ride  buffalo like my friends.

So when I saw one of the workers had finished eating, I told him to plow, with me sitting on buffalo.

At first he refused,because his time to rest unfinished, but I forced him to immediately run the buffalo.
Finally he relented and obey my will. I was happy and my hands already holding a whip to flog the buffalo to immediately run.

But the sound of my mother stop my happiness. Mom told me to go home, and told the workers to finish his rest, while apologizing for my behavior to him.
“Why did you not let me ride a buffalo..? “I asked in an angry tone, as we walked home.

“Because your time is not right, you disturb their time and use it only for your pleasure” said  mother,

” You have to learn to appreciate the perspiration those who work for us, because every perspiration they shed, will be valuable to our fields..” Said mother

“But I think that uncle didn’t mind..” I said, grumpily.

“But I do mind, I do not want you to be accustomed to suck perspiration of others.” Said Mom.

At that time I did not understand what she meant, but I did not want to ask my mother, I disappointed because I felt my mother  more cared the worker than me.

And when I have understood what she meant, I was trying to learn to appreciate perspiration of others.

Happy May Day 🙂



nyi pohaci

It’s been almost a week, we spent holidays at the grandparents’ home, without parents.

Certainly without the presence of parents, I and my cousin could be free to play, with little oversight from my sister.
I and my cousin really enjoyed the days of our holiday, because every day we can play with new friends. They invited us to play in the rice fields, in the garden, in the river, the new games and fun for us as city boys.

It was the rice harvest season. One morning nini (grandmother) looks busy in the kitchen, but her work is not as usual.
Nini prepared a tray of bamboo, which is filled with a bundle of rice, a coconut, eggs boiled, a jug filled with water, several kinds of tubers boiled and also a variety of flowers in a small dish.

I noticed nini put a little coals of fire onto a small plate of clay, sprinkled something on it, then put the plate that began smoky, on trays among other items.
” It was the smell of incense ..” said nini, smiling, when she saw me sniffing and winced, when the smoke was wafted to my nose.

“What’s that, Nini..? ” I pointed to the tray.

” This is the offering ..” said nini.

Then I saw nini brought tray and took it to the outside, to the back of the house. I followed, I saw she put the tray under the bamboo trees.
Incense smoke swerving in the wind. I heard nini talking, but I did not understand what she was saying.

I also did not know she was talking to anyone, because no one else in the near nini besides me.

” What are you doing? And the tray is for whom..? ” I said, with curiosity, when I think nini has finished with her activities.
” It is for Nyai Pohaci, as a sign of respect and gratitude of the farmers, for the harvest that we get ..” said nini.

” Who is Nyai Pohaci..? ” I asked.

” Nyai Pohaci is the goddess of plants, from the dead grown life. Her death made the earth grow various plants are very useful, such as rice, bamboo, palm trees, grasses and creepers.

Answer from nini confused me, and I can not wait to tell my cousin about it, so I left her and looking for my cousin.
*    *    *

My ears felt hot and sick due to tweak my sister, and it seems like she still was not enough to punish us, she wanted to tweak us again. Fortunately aki (grandfather) came over to us.
” What’s wrong..? “Asked aki,

” Look at what they’ve done..! ” my sister replied, pointing to a tray of offerings that have been mussed.

Aki did not say just shook his head. Staring at us, asking for an explanation.


” We just peel the eggs and tubers to be used as bait, we will be fishing in the river, but this is all the idea of him ..” I said, pointing to my cousin.

” You idiot, you’re older than him, you should be able to guide him and not influenced by him ..” said my sister in disgust, and her hand back tweaked our ears.

” Never mind, wash your hands and meet me on front porch, I’ll tell a story on you.” Said aki


We were sitting on bale (large bench of bamboo). And aki began  tell the story.

Nyai Pohaci is a society Sundanese mythology. Nyai Pohaci comes from an egg, and the egg came from the tears of gods.

When she was a teenager, nyai Pohaci ill and died. Nyai Pohaci live in the world of gods, but when she died, her body was buried in the earth, in the human world.

From the grave of Nyai Pohaci, appeared variety of plants.

Her head became coconut tree,
her right eye became white rice,
her left eye became red rice.

Her heart became glutinous rice,
her right thigh became bamboo aur trees,
her left thigh became bamboo rope trees,
Her calves became palm tree,
her intestines became creepers,
and her hair became grasses.


The core of the mythology Nyai Pohaci is, from death grows life. In short, everything that comes from the body nyai Pohaci, very useful for the survival of living creatures.

That is why farmers especially Sundanese society in antiquity, respect Nyai Pohaci, including your grandmother.

” If Nyai Pohaci has died, why nini making offerings to her, is not dead person can not eat ..? ” Asked my cousin.

” Nyai Pohaci not someone like you think, it is a symbol of plants and green earth. Respect Nyai Pohaci means same with respect to the earth .. ” said aki, smiling.

“There are many ways to respect the earth, including the use of nature without damaging the source ..”

” We can take the example of mythology Nyai Pohaci, planting trees for example bamboo, bamboo is not only useful as a material for making houses and other tools. ”

” Bamboo trees serve as the best source of water catchments, so as to increase water storage (underground water reserves), bamboo trees also produce a lot of oxygen.”


Aki keep talking about plant that grows on the body of Nyai Pohaci, all plants that aki tell, I have seen here during this holiday.

Not like the land around my house in the town, the land here is very fertile, the earth grows a lot of plants here, because people like grandparents know how to thank to the earth.


Happy Earth Day 🙂



If someone asked me, what is your ability, I will not doubt to answer that I’m best at dreaming.

For me, dreaming is one way to make life more alive, and if I no longer dreamed then that means I’m no longer alive.

My dream was not an ordinary dream, and everyone around me knows that my dream is extraordinary. But even so, they, my closest people who always broke my dream, even before the dream sprouted.
I want to tell about some of my dreams, which withered before it develops.
I like hiking and I have climbed many mountains in my town. And I dreamed that one day I will climb the highest mountains of the world. I told to my friend, I wanted to make world record as the world’s highest mountains climber girl. But he just smiled and said,


“The higher the mountain, the oxygen levels decreases, and the highest mountain will snowy”

I understand his words, means that I can not possibly climb the highest mountain of the world because of my problems with breathing.

And since that time I had to bury one of my extraordinary dream.


I ever really wanted to be a hero. And I told to my family, that I would go abroad and join them as volunteers in the conflict of war, I want to help people who are injured, I want to make my life useful to others.

But my family just laugh at me, and my mother reminded me to forget my wonderful dream, and said,

” Even when you’re sick you refused to be hospitalized, because you do not like the smells in the hospital, you’re reasoned hospital is a scary place at night because of the people who died in the hospital becomes ghosts and haunt. And you always vomit if you see carcass, although only dead animals, or pooled blood .. ”

I must admit, it was one of the many troubles in building dreams. But I never gave up to make another extraordinary dream.

I am a nature lover, I am very concerned about environment conservation. One day in the summer I and my friends, the environmental activists held a meeting at my house.

We discussed about the air quality is increasingly worrisome, with less trees, especially in big cities. And the area of forest that is increasingly shrinking due to excessive exploitation.


With impassioned I reveal what had been buried in my mind,

“We must be able to create a potion to greening the world, which is just a drop of potion could make buildings in large cities become giant trees, so that one day our children and grandchildren do not lack fresh and clean air..”

At that time, my uncle passed in front of us and said,

“Before you greening the world, it is better if you watering the plants in the yard, in order to grow large and fresh, so that one day your grandchildren are not overheated in their own home ..”

Grinning, I see the trees in my yard that need watering, while my friends giggled, laughing.



That evening, I and my sister went to the hospital, to visit our uncle who was hospitalized.

when we arrived, we saw some relatives, who also will visit uncle.

Patient room is quite large, but the nurse only allow a few people to see patient.

And I let my sister to meet uncle, while I waited outside.

I sat facing the garden, a beautiful garden.

I looked around. Surely, uncle had to spend a lot of money to pay for inpatient room like this, I thought.

Although the rooms here so arranged as to feel comfortable, but I think all the rooms in the hospital is no different, all look the same, quiet and cool.

Unconsciously I shivered, I pressed my jacket, when cold air blows.

“I understand if you do not like any room in the hospital, I also feel like that ..”

A young girl stands leaning on a pole wall in front of me, I unconsciously glared at her, I was shocked by her presence and her voice that suddenly.

“Why do not you go in to visit ..? ”

The young girl said again, without feeling guilty for having made me shocked, even she seemed amused by my attitude.

“No, nurse does not allow a lot of people in the room, maybe for the convenience of the patient ..” I replied with a smile.
“It is ridiculous, isn’t it. The nurse rules, patient should be surrounded by family and friends, so the disease is forgotten and eventually recover, rather than left lying and lonely ..” The young girl said.
“Maybe my uncle’s illness required him to not be disturbed, so he could rest enough ..” I said as an adult.

“Bullshit, if only to get enough rest, it just at home, entered the room and lock the door, so that no one bothers. Certainly, people come to the hospital because of pain, and patiens will be more comfortable if accompanied by a lot of people, than to be left alone .. “she said crossly.

“Maybe ..” I replied carelessly.

“Or maybe you’re the type of person who does not like accompanied when sick ..? ” She asked me with a sneer

“I prefer to be accompanied when sick, it can make me feel calm and feel better ..” I replied.

“Have you ever been sick and hospitalized ..? ” She asked.

“I’ve been sick, but not to have to be hospitalized, and I hope it does not happen to me. I do not much like hospital, each room feels horrific, especially at night .. ” I said.

“You’re right, if there is creepy place on earth, is hospital. You know what makes it creepy ..? ” She asked.

” Ghost I think, ghosts of those who are ill and then died in the hospital, they did not find their way home and ended up staying and hanging around in the hospital. I often hear stories about sightings of the ghosts  in the hospital .. “I said with a chuckle felt ridiculous with my own story, and I saw she also giggled.

“I do not think the dead who make the hospital become horrors, but they were alive.
Patients come with the disease, and the family that brought the patient to come with the anxiety, fear, despair, worries, panic .. ”

“Finally the air in hospitals becomes contaminated by those who live in fear of excessive. That’s what makes the hospital becomes cold, desolate and scary ..”

The young girl spoke with dreamy, as if she was talking to herself. And she continued to speak, as no matter whether I’m listening or not.

“I wonder why most people think that if they are sick they should go to the hospital ..? ”
She asked, I guess it is not a question for me, but I give my opinion.

“Because hospital is a place, where we will get a reply-all will be fine-.
Because at the hospital there are more doctors than elsewhere, anywhere.
And if there is something wrong in our bodies, they, the doctors know how to fix it .. “I said.

“Or even otherwise ..” She said with a smirk.

” What do you mean..? ” I asked,

“Malpractice, misdiagnosed, nurses are unfriendly, if it was included on the answer -everything is fine- ..? “She said in a sharp tone.

I just shrugged as an answer. I do often hear negative things about hospital, but I do not want to discuss it, especially with a teenage girl who emotionally, and I do not her know at all.

“So who is sick ..? “I asked, turning the conversation.

“My mother, she in that room, it has been almost a month I accompanied her ..” she pointed to a room.

“Oh, I’m very sorry. What is your mother’s disease? “I asked.

“I do not know, physically she was fine, but the soul and her mind is not fine. Anxiety and worry in her mind, becomes a disease that is difficult to treat .. ” she said with a sad tone.

“You do not worry, I think the doctor will find the best treatment to cure your mother ..” I said, trying to console her.

“My mother will not recover if she continues to be in the hospital. I’ve repeatedly asked her to go home, but she as not listening.
My mother too believe that hospital and doctors know how to sustain life. She never thought that death can not be avoided.
She continues to think that death is painful, and doctors know how to relieve the pain, but in fact no like that .. ”
The young girl talking long enough, and I heard the anguish in her voice.

“You’re not a doctor, who has the right to decide when your mother had to go home. I think your mother and doctor know the best for her, ” I said.

“Maybe, but it’s not the best for me, I’m tired of being in the hospital. I miss home, I miss my room, I miss the sound of noisy in my neighborhood.
Here I am alone, my friends just occasionally come here. And not all the time I could hear their chatter, because nurse forbid them to be noisy.
I miss the sound of their laughter, here I only heard the cries softly and word of consolation which is useless … ” She said in a miserably voice.

“I know you are very love and worried your mother. But I think your mother will be fine and will not mind if you have to go home for a while.Your mother may be accompanied by other family, while you’re doing other activities..” I said, trying to give advice.

“Maybe it should be so, I have to go home so that my mother can go home ..” she said, as she turned and walked cheerfully toward her mother’s room ..

“Teenagers ..” I thought amused.
Although I did not understand what she meant, but I was glad when I saw her sad face turned into happy.

“Let’s go home, uncle is fine, he has passed the critical period ..” sound of my sister, take my eyes off the young girl.

” Oh Thanks God ..” I said and we walked home.

Our step stopped by grieved scream from inside the room. Not only we are curious, the other visitors who passed by also stopped to find out.

Then I remember, this is the room where the mother of the young girl being treated. My sister and I feel curious and find out what happened.

“She died after coma for a month, maybe it’s the best for her and especially her mother.
Her mother never would be replaced by others, she kept her daughter in a coma, she wanted to be beside her daughter when she awake. But destiny had happened, the girl died .. ”
Said one visitor who gathered in front of the room, she is her relative.

I’m a little confused by her words, maybe she misspoke. Because I know, the mother is sick and the young girl who accompanied her mother.

In a panic, I sneak in to look into the room. I see a mother who is held by two people because of fainting.

And I still had time to see a face of the body lying dead on the bed, before it is covered by nurses. That face is a face of young girl who had just chat with me.



Tree is the place where Ris can see the wonders of the world. She loves to climb trees.

Ris will sit on the highest branch and will still linger, while another kids go down and play in other place.

Ris always tell about what she saw from of the tree. One day she saw fairies fly migrate to the east, or in another day she saw the dwarf riding snail, which ran as fast as swan.

#Matteo and The Explorers
Ris got a lot of nicknames from her friends, Ris the loudmouth, Ris the dreamer, Ris the storyteller, because they do not believe her stories. And when Ris tried to convince that her story was true, they would say,

“How can we trust your story, we also climb the tree but we do not see what you see ..”

” If they want to linger in top of the tree, they would see what I see…” Ris said to Matteo.

Matteo is bestfriend of Ris. He always waiting Ris down from the tree to listen her story.
“Although they linger on the tree, they still will not find anything,” said Matteo

” Why so..? “Asked Ris,
“Because they do not see the world as you see it …” said Matteo.

“And you believe my story, that means you see the world as I see it. Unfortunately you’re a acrophobia, though it will be more exciting if we can see together the wonders of world from above the tree..” Ris said.

Conversation stopped by kids who were running toward them.

“Whooa Ris, there is giant balloon fly low over the lake ..” said one of the kids, they quickly climb the tree to see the balloon, Ris soon follow.
“I’ve heard about the explorers who rides balloon to travel the world, maybe they would stop in our village ..” Matteo said aloud.

“Waw great, I want to be a great explorer like them, I want to ride the balloon and around the world with them, there would be a lot of amazing things can be seen from up there ..” Ris said.

“Haha, dreamer ! The explorers will not allow you to adventure with them, the balloon should only be ridden by great people, not by storyteller like you .. “said a boy, mockingly.
“The problem is they do not know yet how great I am. Look, I can stepped on a small twig without making it broke .. ” Ris said proudly demonstrates her craft, and again the boy was laughing at her.

“It looks like balloon stopped in front of your cafe, Ris. Let’s take a look there ..” said other kid, they immediately go down and run quickly.

#Magic Frog

“Do not you want to see the balloons ..? “Asked Matteo.

“Wait, I see a colored frog near the lake, it looks like needs help ..” said Ris, go down from the tree and ran toward the lake, Matteo followed.
“It seems the legs stuck in the roots ..” said Ris, freed the frog. She put the frog in her hand.

” Beautiful frog, your color like rainbow.” Said Ris

“Look, the frog can stand on two legs and dancing ..” said Matteo.

” Haha good show, frog, but we must go. We want to see the balloon and explorers ..” said Ris, freeing frog from her hand.
But the frog did not escape, and continue moving the body.

“Why do not you go, let’s jump and hide, if anyone saw you, you will be arrested and locked up ..” Ris said.

“Wait, maybe the frog was not dancing, maybe it was speaking language of frog,” said Matteo, try taking frog from Ris hand, but frog clings closely in her hand.

“Or maybe this is a frog that is cursed, as in the story ..? “Ris said, and they looked at more carefully to the colored frog, that continues to move the body.
“I think you must kiss him, who knows he is transformed into a prince ..” said Matteo.

“What if this frog is a princess, maybe you must kiss her,” said Ris while closer frog to the mouth of Matteo.

And they laughed when saw frog covered his mouth with his feet. The frog is back doing the same movement as before.

“I think I understand what frog wants to say ..” said Matteo looked closely at frog.

“You are a frog that grant three wishes, right ..? “Asked Matteo, and frog nodded.

“And you’re going to disappear after someone who freed you, mention three wishes, right ..? “Said Matteo, and frog nodded again.
“Come on, try to mention your wishes ..” said Ris,

“I think this frog just grant your wish because you helped him, ..” said Matteo.

“Well, I want you to grow tall and big tree where I and my friends play ..” Ris said.

And the kids gaped, when they see a tree growing rapidly, big and tall tree.

“Waw you’re right Matteo, it is magic frog ..” said Ris looked with amazement to frog in her hand.
“And the second wish is, I want the explorers allowed me to ride the balloon to adventure around the world with them ..” Ris said earnestly.

” Good wish, come on, let’s meet the explorers ..” said Matteo.

And they arrived at the cafe, they saw cafe filled with explorers, but Ris not see any her friends.

“I think my father did not allow our friends to disturb guests, we should pretend to help, in order to be allowed to be in the cafe ..” Ris said.
” Hey Sir, you are great explorer, can I go with you around the world with your balloon ..? “Ris asked.

” Of course, you can go with us as long as your parents permit you ..” said one of the explorer.

“Are you serious, allowing my friend to come with you ..? “Asked Matteo to explorer.

“Yes, if she seriously wanted to be an explorer and if her parents also serious to permit she to go ..” Said the explorer, grin.

“Waw this magic frog actually works, let’s ask my parents ..” said Ris, she glanced frog which is hidden behind shirt.

” How if your parents do not permit you ..? “Asked Matteo.
” I still have one wish ..”  Ris whispered to Matteo.

“Of course we permit you, we shall not prevent if you want to ride balloon and around the world, we even sure you’d be a great explorer ..” her father said.

Ris saw her mother nodded and smiling.

” Hey Sir ! I think you also heard, I got permit ..” Said Ris proudly to the explorers, they laugh and gave a thumbs.

“Wow this is really great. Come Matteo you have to help me pack up. ” Said Ris,
“I think I will tell our friends about your journey ..” said Matteo, leaving Ris without smile.

” Hey Matteo, I did not forget your birthday, Happy Birthday ..” Ris yelling at Matteo.

” Aha your friend’s birthday, but why he did not look happy, give this birthday cake for him ..” said Ris mother.

“But Mom I do not have much time, I have to pack now ..” said Ris,

“Of course you have plenty time little girl, you do not need to pack up now ..” said her mother.

“But Mom, I do not want the explorers delayed the journey, because waiting for me pack up ..” said Ris,

“I think they will not wait, because if they wait for your to pack up, they have to wait for years until you grow up ..” Said her father chuckled,

“But you said I could adventuring with them. ” Said Ris.

“What is your father mean is, you permitted go when you have their age, but now you’re only permitted adventuring on the tree with your friends ..” says her mother with affection.

“We heard that, little girl ..” said the explorers, gave a thumbs and they laughed when Ris stuck out her tongue
“But I’m not a little girl anymore …” said Ris frown, and went bring cake for Matteo.

“Hey, did you see Matteo ..? Ris asked to her friends.

” He walked toward lake. Yum, the cake looks delicious ..” said one kid.

“It’s birthday cake for Matteo, but I think Matteo does not mind if you come to taste it, let’s go find him ..” Ris said. And they saw Matteo under a tree near the lake.

“Come Matteo, quickly close your eyes and make a wish, so that we can immediately eat the cake ..” said the kids, Matteo laughed and then closed his eyes.

# The last wish

The cake has been eaten and the kids went to see the balloons. Only Ris and Matteo who was sitting under a tree. Ris shows a hand holding frog.
“Why are you still here, do not you have to prepare for your journey ..? “Said Matteo.

“My parents did not give permission to go adventuring with them,” said Ris,

“But I heard they gave you permit …” Matteo said.

“No seriously, they just mocked me ..” said Ris.

“You still have one wish ..” said Matteo, looking at frog in hand Ris.

“You’re right and this is what I should do,” Ris said with a smile, she whispered in the ear of frog, the frog nodded before disappearing.
“You have mention the last wish,” said Matteo.

“Yes, and starting today you do not have to wait for me down the tree to hear story from me ..” said Ris,

“I know, let’s go home and I’ll help you to pack up ..” said Matteo,

“As my parents said I still had plenty of time to pack, now we have to climb this tree before our friends came, we had to get the highest branch, in order to see the balloon clearly when it flew away …” said Ris,
“But are not you going to go adventuring ..? “Said Matteo.

“No, as I told my parents did not permit me,” said Ris

“But have you not mention the last wish, in order to get your parents permission ..? ” Asked Matteo,

“I did not make such wish, I really wanted to go, but if my parents did not give permit maybe it was not good for me. Besides, I prefer to see the world from top of tree with you, rather than ride the balloon with strangers .. “Ris said smiling,
“Do you seriously not to go ..? “Asked Matteo,

“I’m serious, I mention last wish for you, so that your acrophobia dissapear. Now try to climb this tree ..” said Ris,


They sit on strong branches, tall and big tree, gift from magic frog.

” Thank you, Ris. It’s wonderful..” Said Matteo smilling.

” You’re my best friend. So are you ready to see the wonders of the world..? ” Ris said.
“Look, there is a giant snake was dancing in the middle of the lake ..” Matteo said with amazement,

“It was not just a snake, it is water dragon and water dragon does not breathe fire. You know why, because he is water dragon .. “said Ris, and they laugh.
“We must tell the water dragon to immediately dive and hide, before the explorers passed through the lake. I do not want the explorer or anyone else see the dragon, because they will hunt down and kill it .. “said Matteo,

” You have such thought, it’s mean you are ready for nicknamed as Matteo the loudmouth..” said Ris
“Actually, I prefer nicknamed Matteo the actor, but loudmouth was also a great nickname,” said Matteo.

And they both laughed at the highest branch, they see the wonders of the world.

🙂 😉



Flowers are not only beautiful and enjoyable when it is blooming, but behind the beauty, flowers also have stories and myths, and I just know it when I met Nyai Kembang.

Nyai Kembang is a nickname, because of her love for flowers since she was a child. And at the age of 80, she looks very healthy and her movements are still look nimble.

Her yard which is widely planted with various kinds of flowers. She will be pleasant to give flowers or seeds, as well tell how to plant and care it, to anyone who wants.

I want to plant flowers, so I visited Nyai Kembang. she greeted me with a friendly. She took me around and showed me her flowers.

” Your flowers are so beautiful ..” I said with awe,

“ What kind of flowers you want to plant..? “Asked Nyai,

” Anything, I like all flowers, as long as they’re not difficult to take care of..” I said,

” Caring for any flowers not difficult, but you should not be carelessly in planting flowers, behind the beauty flowers can bring goodness and badness to its owner ..” said Nyai,

” Oh really…? ” I asked curiously,

” Yes, every flowers has story and secret, you’d better know before planting ..” said Nyai,

” It’s interesting …” I said.

And Nyai tells of flowers around her.

” It is Wijaya Kusuma (night queen). Mysterious flower, it blooms only at night. Anyone who can see the blooms will prosper. Someone who wants to become a leader should plant these flower, because it will give triumph … ” said Nyai,

” White flowers in the tall tree is Kantil (white champaca). The fragrance of Kantil is also favored by kuntilanak ( female ghost ), and she will make the tree as her home.. ” said Nyai,

” Wow, I think I do not want to be close with Kantil flowers tree from now ..” I said with a shudder, while Nyai just smiled and continued her story,

” It is Kenanga (ylang). This flower is useful as an antidote to black magic. This flower can neutralize black enegy around the house .. ”

” Anggrek (orchid) and Kembang Kertas (Bougenville). They are beautiful flowers but bring misfortune. Whoever planted it, will have trouble living, always at odds, the family will not be in harmony .. ” said Nyai,

” If you know the flowers are carriers of bad luck, why did you plant it …? ” I said with wonder.

” Because I also planted the antidote. Matahari (sunflower), Sedapmalam (tuberose), Melati (jasmine), they are flowers that bring goodness, whoever planted it will have tranquility and peace, also bring harmony in the family .. ”

” Seruni (chrysanthemum) is a flower that has magical powers, this flower can make ageless for people who planted it ..” Nyai said, pointing to a clump of colorful Seruni in bloom.

While listening I watched Nyai and think, maybe ageless Nyai is the effect of Seruni. Suddenly my eyes look at roses, they look very beautiful.

” I want to plant rose ..” I said,

” Why, are you afraid that someone will send hexes to you..? “Asked Nyai,

” What do you mean ..? ” I said, not so understand,

” Mawar (rose) is a flower that can ward off the black magic, Mawar specifically have efficacy catch negative energy, which sent a bad guy. Negative energy will be absorbed by mawar then channeled toward the ground .. ” Nyai explained,

” Oh I see. But I want to plant rose without any mean, I’ve always loved roses, they are very beautiful .. “I said,

” If you want to plant Mawar, you should plant more for Mawar merah (red rose) and Mawar putih (white rose) ..” said Nyai,

” Why it is so..? ” I asked,

“Because Mawar merah and Mawar putih will be useful for various rituals and ceremonies ..” said Nyai,

“Oh, but I do not do things like that ..” I said smiling,

” Maybe you do not, but the people around you, your relatives and your neighbors, they carry it out ..” said Nyai,

” In our culture, flowers closely related with the various rituals. Our society still respecting mores and traditions of the ancestors. Every ceremony such as death, birth, marriage, and others always marked with seven kind of flowers … ”
” So, I suggest if you’re going to plant flowers, you should plant at least seven kind flowers, because there will be people who need your flowers ..”

Nyai Kembang kept talking while occasionally touching the flowers gently, she is like the queen of flowers among the flowers are blooming.
” These flowers always make me smile, because they gave me pleasant when I looked at them, but when I pluck and give them to people in need, it is much more pleasant for me …” said Nyai,
I probably would follow the advice of Nyai Kembang to plant seven kinds of flowers or maybe plant more, but I’m not sure I could like Nyai, picking the flowers are beautiful and blooming, then give them to others.



Mommy was on the phone and I know with whom she speak. I also can guess, what would mommy tell us when she put the phone down.

” Mommy got good news for you, let’s guess, who will visit today ..? ” She said with a secretive smile as if we (I mean me) will be curious with the news.

” Who, mommy ..? “Asked my sister with curiosity, but I know she only pretending to curious to make mommy happy.

” Just nanny ..” I whispered to my sister, but she pretended not to hear.

” Nanny…! today, she will play with you …! ” Said mommy.

” Like I said …” I whispered to my sister again, but again she pretended not to hear.

” Hooray ..! ” my sister said with a big smile, showing off her yellow teeth. I looked at her with annoyed, because she was not at my side.

” Nanny will come with her nephew, so you can play together ..” Mommy said.

My sister welcomes their visits happily, because she friendships with that naughty boy. They are also the same age.

I filed an objection to mommy. I say, that the naughty boy will make our house messy, he will open the refrigerator repeatedly, eating my ice cream, eat snacks and my sauce.
” Well, if so you should keep an eye on him, so he did not eat your sauce ..” said mommy, responded my objection with serious face.

My sister laugh at the seriousness of mommy, and I was glad when mommy glared at her.

Mommy and daddy will be traveling all day, and mommy invite nanny to take care of us. Maybe mommy thought, we are still too young to be left alone.Whereas I think we’re old enough to be left alone.
I was 4 years old and my sister was 7 years old. Indeed, sometimes house would be lonely and a bit scary when we were alone, but I think we can handle it.

Moreover, every time nanny comes, I do not feel that she really care for us. We will be engrossed with our games, as well nanny, she will be engrossed with herself.

Nanny had often accompany us, so I already knew the schedule and routines of Nanny at our house.

She will take over tv remote from my hand, and tablet from my sister. If I protested, nanny would say,

” Not good for kids kept watching cartoons and playing with gadgets, you must play the real game ..”

And Nanny will let us play whatever we like. She will allow us to play on the top floor, pull out all the toys and make a mess.
Nanny will allow us to use kitchen. Her nephew, although naughty but he is also adept at using the stove and kitchen items. So we can play like chef. Nanny also would allow us to not take a nap.

All things that are not allowed mommy, such as yelling or screaming while playing, talking and laughing loudly, play water and bubbles in the house, would get permission from nanny.

But I know, Nanny let us play freely, because she did not want to be bothered by us.
As we were busy playing, nanny would engrossed in front of TV while playing remote, or engrossed selfie using my sister tablet.

I do not like to eat, or if I ate I would spend my food for an hour or more. But the nanny always make me lunch quickly, as quickly as my sister and the naughty boy.

I had to do it, because Nanny said, if one of us did not spend lunch quickly, then we will not go to the Mall.

Go to the Mall is one of the Nanny schedule created. But different with mommy, Nanny never buy a lot of stuffs. We are also not allowed to want any goods. Nanny more look around, instead of buying.

She also would spend a long time while in a bookstore, so I can open some picture books while waiting Nanny choose books.
But the most I liked when we went to the Mall, Nanny always stop at the ice cream shop and allow us ordered ice cream whatever we like. And Nanny will let us eat an ice cream without hurry.

And in the afternoon, the ownership of remote will return to its master. Nanny would allow me holding remote and watching cartoons. And let my sister and her nephew to play games.
While she will be relaxed, sitting with a glass of coffee and also the new book she had bought.


I heard a knock at the door, and immediately follow mommy to see who was coming. I smiled when I saw nanny and her nephew in front of the door. I smile because I have had time to hide tv remote and sauce before they came.



” I love forest, because forest with its mysteries always greeted me with friendship. “

They are four students in secondary schools, who are following scientific writing competition about forest and its habitat.

” I’d rather we go directly to the forest to collect data as our research material, rather than looking through the internet ..” Said one of them

“I agree, who knows we stray to the Invisible Forest ..” replied the other, with a little joke.

Invisible forest is a legend for nature lovers. But most of them assume that the invisible forest just a fairy tale or myth.

And when the principal made the World Forest Day as a holiday for their school, the four students were also used it to travel to the forest.


# Cave Trumpet

They had walked half of their journey, while the sun has just appeared. And when the sun rising, they have arrived at the top of the hill.

Sigh of relief heard, when they looked to the rocky valley that lay between the thick grass and bushes. And the dense forest stands behind the rocky valley.

“I think we need to rest, before we go into forest ..” said Hunt and his three friends agreed.

“Guys, look at the stones in front of us, I see a little different. The position and shape of the stones reminded me of picture of a gate to the Invisible Forest, which often I see on the internet .. “said Matte.

“You’re too obsessed with invisible forest. Not the first time we see the stones lay there, and I think they still look the same as we’ve ever seen before … “said Chiki.

“But I’m sure, they are not the same as before ..” Matte said, kept in his opinion.

“I think there is no harm if we find out, who knows we did find something among the rocks ..” said Amatt.

High curiosity had beaten tiredness, students were not lingering to rest, they immediately walked among the rocks.

“Look, I found a small gap between the rocks, I guess it could be skipped if we walk sideways…” Hunt said.

“I’ll check..” said Matte, he entered the gap and pulled a flashlight from his bag.

Matte led flashlight into the darkness in front of him, and he moved into the cavity of the rock.

The more go inside, he felt the rock cavity widening, he is no longer walking sideways. His body was no longer touching the stone walls, and the roof even higher above his head.

Matte keep moving, by the light of flashlight, he saw a fairly wide road in front of him.

” How’s in there ..? ” said Amatt from the outside.
” I think you all should go in ..! ” Matte said.

Soon, his three friends have joined in the stone hollow.
They walked down the dark alley with enthusiasm. They are not much conversation, immersed in the curiosity, waiting whether they would see a way out at the end of the cave.

Feels like long hours they sank in the dark, when they saw the dim light from a distance, which became brighter.
Tiredness becomes meaningless, bright light has been restore their spirit.

They no longer need flashlight as guide. Because without any flashlight, they can see the cave clearly.

They realized that the cave was widened, roof of cave soaring like giant dome, and they feel little in it.

Bright light coming from the mouth of the cave, and with hurried steps they walk toward the light, like an enchanted, they were speechless and amazed by the sights in front of them.
Outside the cave, they saw green forests stretching limitless to the horizon. The cave where they were, standing on the cliff. They went down a steep cliff, to reach the forest.


# Invisible Forest

“I think we find invisible forest …” Matte said.

“I think you’re right …” said Amatt patted his friend, salute and proud.

“I think you both should not be too fantasized, this is probably the same forest, but we enter through different pathways ..” said Chiki snickered, broke their dreams.

“Whether we are in forest behind the rocky valley or in the Invisible forest, I guess this forest can be a very valuable asset to science .. ” Hunt said.

And they agreed with Hunt, that they are in the valley of science, which is rich in the diversity of the forest habitats.

Rare plants grow scattered and emerge, as if afraid if not visible. Giant trees are already mossy, with roots dangle like ropes, beautiful flowers growing in the branches of trees, and appears to glow.
“It’s like the forests of the imaginary painting ..” Hunt said.

“Yes very admirable, unfortunately all of our electronic devices do not work, but we need it to make the documentation ..” said Matte.

“Fortunately we brought the painter reliable ..” Said Amatt tapped Hunt.

And Hunt look busy make sketches for documentation and for himself. While Amatt and matte each show unique things that they see.

Only Chiki are not involved, she noticed the forest with silence. And something has caught her attention. She tells the boys.


# Falower

Quiet voice from behind the bushes, twigs crackled, the creature move slowly and glanced at them.

They talk whispered without moving. While their eyes focused on the creature.

“What kind is it..? ”

“I do not know, I’ve never seen such species in the book, ”

“Whether it fairy forest..? ”

“It’s possible, but it may also be ethereal being or plant-eating meat, we must be careful ..”

“I hope this rare creature is docile, I want to learn it …”

“Shhhh it grinned, it looks like will attack us …! ”

Hunt warns his friends, but too late, the creature run and jump towards them. The sound of loud rustling, when it fell face down on bushes.
“Do not touch, maybe it poisoned ..” said Amatt

“it did not move, I think it was injured …” Matte approached and touched her feet with a twig.

Suddenly the creature said,

“You guys are too noisy, so I lost fairy, haiiihh whereas I was so close …” She turned her body and stood up.

They silent in surprise, but soon Matte said,

“Hey, you can speak the same language with us, but from where you come from, weird thing..? ”

“Haiiihh, the unusual greeting, but thank you, I’m fine …”

They looked at each other in confusion by answer of the weird thing, and they are getting confused when looking at the weird thing took off all her clothes.

“I think I do not need to explain where I come from, well I named myself Falower ..” she said, introducing herself with an amused smile when she saw the faces of confusion in front of her.

“Why do you wrap yourself with plants and flowers, so we think you’re weird thing ..” Amatt asked.

“I’m masquerade as plant,” said Falower smiling.

” Then where else your friends, whether they are also posing like you ..? Matte asked.

“It could be the trees are her friends in disguise,” Amatt whispered to Chiki then giggling, Chiki elbowed him.

“I’m not with friends, I walk alone, but I always got fun friends in every journey ..” Said Falower.

” That’s cool, but what are you doing in this forest besides masquerade …” asked Hunt.

“Haiiih of course same with you all, I also hunt fairy the bearer treasure jar…” said falower.

” Ohh I thought you were wrong, we’re not chasing anything, we are exploring forest to search for and study of rare habitats in this forest …” said Chiki.

” Haiiih really unfortunate if you guys just enjoy looking at the habitats of forest, while forest also providing a very interesting adventure, and hunting fairy is the most exciting adventure of this forest … “said Falower

“Sorry, but we do not believe such things, fairies or treasure, it’s just a fairy tale …” Said Chiki.

” I guess that’s not true, if you guys do not believe in such things, you all would not be here. Forests have been given permission to enter for you guys, it means you all are qualified .. ” Said falower.

” Frankly, but I do not understand her words ..” Chiki whispered to Amatt.

“How about you, did you ever see fairies or other strange things in this forest..? ” asked Hunt.
“Of course, I not only have seen fairy, but I also have been many times caught it..” Falower said proudly.

” Wow great, you must store it, would you show it to us ..? Matte said.

“Yes, you have to show us, so that we believe in your story ..” Said Amatt.

“But I did not store it, every time I catch fairy, I let it go again ..” Said Falower.

“Why so, how do we or others will believe in your story, if you do not have any evidence about fairy and treasure .. ” said Hunt.

“ That’s not my fault if you or anyone else can not believe my story, for me just hunt and catch fairy had so much fun, without thinking to own it…” Said Falower with cheerful smile.

” Hmmm okay, so how long have you been in this forest..? “Asked Hunt.

” I do not know, I do not ever remember time, when I was in the forest, I do not want my togetherness with forest, limited by time …” said Falower.

“Hmm interesting, but how do you catch a fairy…? asked Hunt,

“Haiihhh it is a secret, but do you really want to know ….? ” Said Falower, Hunt nodded.


# A Storyteller

“ Come closer, I could not speak loudly, when telling about fairies. Them, the fairies are everywhere, they love to eavesdrop, they even conspired with other forest dwellers, to outwit the hunters .. ”

Falower said, she spoke while looked around, as if the whole forest were stalking. Even so she did not turn down her voice.

” Actually, the fairies are very pleased to be hunted, and they will make the hunt be a tricky game..” said Falower.

“See the style of her speech, such as a storyteller …” said Amatt whispering to Matte, they giggled silently.

” The fairy like can guess what we have planned, they are always one step ahead of us. So to be able to catch a fairy, we must use a lot of strategy. One plan will not succeed, then we should be able to improvise with a lot of plans .. ” said Falower.

” The more she talked the more I do not understand ….” Chiki said, whispering to Amatt, again Amatt giggled.

” Then how can you finally catch a fairy …? ” Hunt said.

“Haiiiihh if it is, I will not know for sure, I can not explain it in more detail, but I think it relates to destiny. After all that I do, in the end fairy itself, which came to me … “Said falower.

“Hunt seemed enchanted with words of Falower ..” said Matte whispered to Chiki and Amatt.

“We’d better get to continue our journey,” said Chiki

“You’re right, we should bring Hunt go, before really hypnotized by her..”

Said Amatt, he looked amused and worried to Hunt who was listening Falower attentively, without ever taking his eyes off from Falower.

Silently, Chiki signaled to Hunt, so they immediately went on the journey.

But Hunt signaled to his friends to stay and pay attention to Falower and her around. Curiously, they follow the advice of Hunt.

“So that’s why, every time you catch a fairy then you let it go, because you realize that you do not really have captured the fairy ..” Hunt said.

“No, not that reason, fairies are free creatures and I’m not entitled to have it just for personal pleasure or any other reason ..” Falower smiling.

” Moreover, forest has kindly given me a fun place to play, and if I hurt intentionally forest dwellers, then forest will be thrown me out, and forest will no longer let me in to play or to just enjoy it’s beauty …” said Falower.

” But you could play somewhere else, and I think there are many places that are more fun to play than in the forest …” said Hunt.

Falower smile before replying Hunt’s words. She breathed slowly, as if she were inhaling very pleasant smells.

“No, for me there is no best place to play, besides forest. And if you’ve really know forest, you will agree with me .. ”

Falower said, smiling and stretching out her hands as if showing her pride in the existence of forest.

# Love Potion

Hunt smiled when he saw his friends were stunned by the strange views in front of them, the thing that happen when Falower telling the story. That’s what he wanted to show to his friends.
“Do you see what I see ? “Asked Hunt.

“The animals, they are popping up when Falower talk …”

“Yes, their eyes focused on every movement of Falower …”

“ Every movement of Falower like invite the animals to arrive…”

“This may not actually happen, I guess we all hallucinating ….”

Falower look at the confusion faces with amusement. Falower approached them, chuckled and said,

” Why not, In this forest, everything can happen ..”

“So, all of these animals is really real…? “Asked Matte.

“Of course, they are completely real, and living in harmony on this day, even though they are gathered from various types, they will not attack each other ….” answer Falower.

“Wow this is great, what about wild animals, whether they also become tame and make friends with humans in this day …? “Asked Matte

“Haiiih of course not, in any day humans are still a threat to the animals in the forest, and they still will attack if they feel threatened …” said Falower.

“If so how did you escape quickly from the wild animals that approach you …? “Amatt said, looking horrified to Falower.

Falower catch Amatt gaze, she looked back and saw pairs eyes staring at her.

“Haihhh do not worry, they will not attack me, they know I’m not a threat to them, and I think they love me ..” said Falower while blowing a kiss of affection on the animals.

But the animals responded with a growl scary, even some of them began to approach Falower while showing its fangs.

“I guess they were not impressed with your kisses, they did not love you too …” Hunt said, and immediately told his friends to run.

“Haiiih if they do not love me, I have to run away from them …” said Falower, and immediately ran after them as fast as possible.

“This way …” said falower, uncover the plants that covered the entrance to a cave.

“Are they still chase me..? “Ask Falower.

“They gathered outside, waiting for you to come out ..” said Amatt peek from between the plants.

“Haiihh fake potion, this is not love potion..” said Falower grumbled.

“What are you saying..? “Chiki asked while looking at a small bottle in Falower’s hand.

” I take this potion from my friend, because he said any animal who smelled this potion will come near me ..” said Falower.

“So the animals approach you, because the potions on this bottle..? ”  Chiki asked, and Falower nodded.

“Huh I know, it is all not real, there is always scientific explanation in any oddities that happened …” said Chiki to the boys.


# Trapped In The Cave Snake

” You got us trapped in this cave,” Hunt said, peering out, saw the animals are still gathered not far from the mouth of the cave.

“Shhhh … listen guys, I think this cave has an owner ..” said Amatt to his friends.

They were silent and hear hissing sounds, while the dim light up a corner of the cave, their mouths gaped, terrible sights seen in front of them.

” Haiihh cave snack, I’m stuck here again …” Falower said, shaking her head as if realizing her folly.

“What do you mean..? ” asked Matte,

“This is the cave snake, a place where snake family gathering, and on this day all kinds of snakes gather, such as family reunion …” said Falower smiling, describes as a guide.

“So you knew before, that this is nest of snakes..? “Asked Amatt, looked alternately angry and horrified to Falower and snakes.

“Of course, I’ve often stuck here, so I know …” said Falower without feeling guilty.

Angry faces looked Falower, but she responded with a smile and said,

“Haiihh no need to panic, they are harmless, as long as we did not move much, they will not bother us …” said Falower.

“I think we really need to panic, see snakes began to move toward us …” says Hunt,

“Oh, I guess this is because potions are stuck in my shirt, which invites snakes closer ..” said Falower

“Do you have a magic spell, to drive out all the animals? “Chiki said with a huff.

“Erm well, you got to help me throw away this bottle until it broke, so the smells can spread and disperse the animals ..” said Falower.

“Then how about these snakes, they will still chase you …” said Hunt

“If so I have to let go of my clothes and threw it to the snakes..” said Falower

“Did you bring other clothes which I can borrow..? ” Falower whispered to Chiki,

“Oh I’m sorry but I did not bring extra clothes, if you were carrying extra clothes ..? “Chiki whispered to the boys, and they all shook their heads.

And finally the boys managed to drive away the animals from the mouth of the cave, while they were waiting Falower out with anxiety.

Even so, they did not dare turn their head into the cave, remembering what they will see.

Not long after, the boys see Chiki out with a frown.

” Where is she, if she really took off her clothes..? “Asked Amatt

“See for yourself.. ! “Chiki said curtly.

“Haiihhh it was really fun …! ” Said Falower giggled, and the boys glanced doubtfully Falower, who was standing at the mouth of the cave.

“What about the snakes..? “Hunt asked worriedly, looking Falower who’s still fully clothed.

“No problem, the snakes were swarming my clothes ..” said Falower.

“How can you still wear the same clothes? “Asks Matte.

” She wore double ..” Chiki said curtly,

“True, and that is surrounded by snakes is my outer clothes ..” said Falower giggled.

“So why do not you just open up your clothes before we chased the animals, so we do not need to get into cave snake.. “Hunt said annoyed and deceived.

“Haihhh you’re right, why did not I think of that …” Falower said, smiling brightly.

“I bet she not as big as that looks, do you think how many layers of clothes she was wearing ..? “Amatt whispered at Matte, staring Falower, and they both giggled.


“Do you still want to hear the story about fairies, I think I can finish it without being chased by any animal …” said Fallower.

“I’m sorry, but we have more important work. We will continue exploring the forest, we’re gathering material for the paper .. “Chiki said as she invites her friends go.

“Haiihh too bad. But maybe we can walk together, I can be your guide, I know this forest very well … “said Falower, hope.

“No, we want to know the forest in our own way, but thanks for the offer …” Hunt said, and they started walking.

“Hey, I could show fun places …” Said Falower, trying to persuade, but she only gets wave of their hand.
“I know the nearest way, where jungle man and the cannibals are …” said Falower, continue to persuade. And she smiled when he saw the boy with glasses who walking the front stopped and turned to her.

“Hunt, I think you would not believe her words …” said Chiki little worried.

“I also know the the nearest way towards the ancient sites and the landing of creatures sky ..” Said Falower, smiling looking at Ammat and Matte.

“I assure, there will be a lot of fun during our journey …” Said Falower.

“Yes, fun, like when we chased the animals, and trapped in the cave snake ..” said Chiki warned.

“I think we do need a guide ..” said Hunt, Amatt and Matte nodded in agreement.

” Huh unbelievable … !! “Chiki said irritably.

And they continue the journey with Falower as their guides.

Along the way, Falower did not stop chattering, but they do not feel disturbed by the chatter. They are too engrossed with forest views.

Sometimes they stop, when feeling the need to make a note for their school task.

” Waw you’re good at drawing ..” said Falower look over the shoulder of Hunt, who was sketching.

“ Too bad, we can not make the photos for all our findings in this forest ..” said Matte.
“Though it can be a very great article for our website, but if only a note and drawings, it seems less convincing …” said Ammat.

“Why all the electronic stuff does not work in this forest …? “Chiki said.

“Because the forest has secret ….” said falower smiled and winked.

“You want to share the secret to us, Falower …? “Asks Matte.

“Of course, you guys are the chosen people of the forest, and you all have the right to know the secret ….” said Falower.


# Cave Fireflies

Cavity of the tree is too small to pass while standing, then they enter it while walking squatting.

But the scenery behind the tree cavity very surprising. They were in a cave which was quite spacious and bright. The cave was like a long hallway.

“It is nest of fireflies. Haiihh so many fireflies, it usually not this much, I guess they were having a special meeting today … ”
Falower explained, keeping her eyes exploring the walls and roof of the cave.

And they walked down the aisle of the cave.

“This cave long enough, I guess enough time for me to shared some secrets of the forest …” Said Falower, and she is preparing to start the story.

“Wait, are you taking other potion..? “Chiki asked, worried.

“No, this time I clean …” Falower said with a chuckle.

Then Falower tell the secret of the forest.

“Forest is home to all kinds of creatures. Neither the creatures of the earth nor creatures of the sky. Forest is the safest and most enjoyable place, among all places on earth. That is why the sky creatures came to visit the forest … “Said Falower.

“Creatures of the sky, you mean the aliens …? “Asked Amatt.

“Yes, forest receive their visit. Likewise with the true inhabitants of the forest, they make friends since first visit … “said Falower.

“The true inhabitants, who are they ..? “Asked Hunt,
“Those who have been fused with forest, they lived and loved the jungle without ever thinking to have it. Their love for forest selflessly .. “Said Falower.

“Did you ever see them, aliens in this forest …? “Asks Matte.

“Haiihh of course, I also know everything about the creatures of sky. Forests provide a special place for them, so that they are not disturbed by the presence of people like us. But sometimes humans with reckless always breaking the areas. “Said Falower.

“I’ve read about people who are lost or missing in the forest. And even if they returned, they would look like in a daze and could not explain what really happened .. “said Amatt.

“Like that …” said Falower.

” But I always wondered, what actually happens to people who break the areas ..” said Amatt.
“Forest have made a kind of guardrail, those who pass through the guardrail will be affected by the curse, they lose some memory of their brain, or turn into animals …” said Falower.

“Cursed be the animals …? “Said Matte.

“Yes, werewolves, bigfoot, mermaid, white crocodile, it is not just a fairy tale, it is the embodiment of those who affected by the curse of forest ..” said Falower.

“Wow that’s ridiculous, er I mean horrible … “said Amat.

“Yes horrible, but that’s how forests protect the existence of creatures sky. “Said Falower.
“Why Forest so protecting them …? “Asked Hunt.

“Because they come in peace, they use forest but not exploited, they just take what is given by forest ..” Said Falower.

“If the story about aliens in the forest is true, I think you can take us to where they are …” said Matte.

“Haihhh of course, I will be happy to take you to places that you want …” said Falower smiling cheerfully.

“Oh Come on guys, first the cannibals, then the aliens, what exactly is in your mind. Our purpose to this forest, is to study the habitats… ” Chiki said.

“But the aliens and the cannibals are also includes forest habitat …” said Matte.

“Exactly! I guarantee our writing would be the best, and I think our teachers will give us an A+…” Amatt said.

“That may be so, but the achievements that we will get, not comparable with dangers that we will face. Do you want to be roast meat by the cannibals, or cursed as animals …? “Said Chiki warned.

“Haiiihh you just calm down, it’s actually not as dangerous. I know their deepest secrets … “said Falower laugh.

“The cannibals were, in fact do not eat meat, they are vegetarians. They spread the story like that is to protect the safety of the forest and its contents, from the greedy and evil humans. ”

“And I know the password to enter the area of creatures sky, so we can enter it without getting curse.” Said Falower assured.

“It makes even less sense, all these stories …” Chiki said grumpily.

“Come on, you do not worry too much, I think we all would be fine …” said Hunt calming.

“If I was cursed into a frog, you have to help me find a beautiful girl with a nice lip to set me free from the curse …” said Matte to Amatt, and they both giggled.


# The Will Hole

The farther into the cave, the less existence of fireflies. Lighting in the cave becomes dim.

“Be careful with your step, do not let you stumble ..” said Falower warned.
“I think we were fine, otherwise I see you are often stumble …” said Chiki.

“Haiiih it’s true, I had a chicken eyes, my sight became imperfect on the dark …” said Falower.

“ If so we walk slowly..” kata Matte.

And after a long walk,

” Woah, finally we get in …” said Falower excitedly.

“Umm, but if you’re not going the wrong way, I think this cave dead end …” said Amatt.

“Exactly, if you pay attention to the holes in the wall of the cave…? ” Said Falower.

“Yes, I saw some cracks and holes in the wall …” said Amatt.

“That is the way out …” said Falower.
“Every hole leading to different places, but there is also hole that only a niche or a dead end alley. And one of the holes is a door leading to anywhere, and it called Will Hole “… Said Falower.

“ What do you mean ? “ said Chiki.

” The Will hole will take you to the desired place and certainly the best place …” said Falower.

“And which hole will take us to the cannibals..? “Hunt asked.

“And the hole to the aliens..? ” Said Amatt and Matte almost simultaneously.

” There and there,” Falower pointed holes to the boys.

“Wow this is cool, we must continue our journey soon. The aliens waiting for us .. “said Matte and Amatt.

“The cannibals, finally, I think this is the greatest adventure that we will experience ..” Hunt said.

“Guys, it is two different holes, I suppose you must choose one of the first ..” Chiki said, interrupting the pleasure of her friends.

They negociate, but did not reach an agreement. The boys remained in their own way.

While Falower exploring the cave wall, look carefully one by one of the holes.

“Haiihh finally I found it …” said Falower with a loud voice, and clapped her hands, applause for herself.

Those who are negotiating, stop arguing and saw Falower.

“Finally I found the Will hole …” said Falower.

“The Will hole is also called the hole moves. It is a kind of bored hole, so always on the move. But I already knew it well, and would know where it was on the move .. ” said Falower explained without being asked.

“I think it’s time we part, I will continue to hunt fairy, and I will use this hole.. “ said Falower and smiled to her new friends.

“ Oh I hope this hole understand me and take me to the right place …” said Falower hugging hole with affection.

“Hey wait, why don’t we use the Will hole to take us ..? “Chiki said.

” Haiiihh I will use it first, and the Will hole only deliver one will, and after that it will close it self, and re-opened after it moved ..” said Falower.

“How long does it move ..” said Chiki.

“Sometimes an hour, sometimes one day, sometimes a month. It’s uncertain …” said Falower.

” Emm uncertain, I think it is doubted. What if we all got together, and received wherever the Will hole leads us..? ” said Chiki,

” Brilliant idea. We’ll see, who among us have stronger and better wishes … “said Amatt.

” Haiiih it is not just about strength and kindness, but rather a sincere. Pure heart and mind will be elected by Will hole .. “said Falower.

And they all agreed with the proposal Chiki.

“I think your desire to shake hands with the cannibals will not come true ..” said Matte teasing Hunt.

“Oh so sad, If so I could only follow you see the aliens, but in your dreams ..” Hunt replied, and they chuckled.

“Haiiih so we’re still together, I think this will be a fun journey …” Said Falower with joy.


# Heart of Forest

They entered the Will hole with different desires. Each convinced that it will deliver to the wanted places.

The hallway was narrow and dark, they go hand in hand with bending, groping in the dark.

Finally a glimmer of light seen, the longer the light getting bigger. They were out in the hallway with a breath of relief.

“You know where we are ..? “Asked Hunt to Falower.

“I do not think so. Although almost all of forests look same, but I could distinguish the uniqueness of each forest that I visited, and I feel strange here .. “Said Falower.

Falower exploring the forest with her eyes, then closed her eyes, breathe deeply and exhale slowly. She looked enjoyed it very much.

“Did you feel it ..? “Falower asked, staring in amazement to the forest.

“I think there are different here. I should feel tired and achy after walking far with a bow, but I do not feel anything when out of the hall. I mean, I like waking up from sleep with sweet dreams, I feel very fresh .. “said Chiki.

” You’re right, wow I did not realize it. I also did not feel tired at all, in fact I feel so healthy and eager .. ” The boys said.

“The air here is so pure and my nose had never smelt air like this. Haiihh I want to know what else is presented by this forest. Come on friends, we got to enjoy this free dishes … “said falower, step by pranced like a child who sees a very fun toy.

And they continue to walk with great enthusiasm and amazement. They enjoy each new discovery in the forest.

“Well I think I do not need a pen and paper for a while, I do not want to miss this rare sight ..” Hunt said, putting the drawing tools in his bag.

And all agreed to not think about anything, besides enjoying the amazing scarcity around them

And for a moment, their joy disturbed by pungent smell. They looked at each other and they recriminations as the cause of change in the air around them.

And before the words accusations came out, a head peeking out from behind the bushes. And said,

” Shhh it is sasquatch smell, quickly hide..!”

They did not get to argue, they are hiding in the bushes just before some bigfoots crossing in front of them.

Shock, fear and awe, shut them up. In silence they see clearly, the creatures that are still considered a legend in their world.

But not long after, the silence disturbed by a scream. They are all disturbed by the screams, including the bigfoots.

Chiki stood tapping her legs to the ground, her legs felt sick because of the ants were biting and swarm over her legs. she stood on the anthill.

“Ssttt ..” the man warned her. But too late, the sasquatchs have seen her, and began to walk toward them.

“It’s not a good sign, run …! “The man shouted and ran as fast as possible.

Forests became a little boisterous, by rustling bushes were trampled. The bigfoots refused to succumb, they continue to pursue humans that have been spying on them.

” Where is your car ? ” Asked Falower to that man.

“There …” the man pointed to a green object not far from them.


# Mr. Lamp And The Car

“Hurry up and get in.! “Said falower to her new friends.

“Why are we hiding here, I guess we are not safe here, this stuff will not be strong, resist the fury of the sashquatchs..” said Chiki.

Through the glass window Chiki and her friends, glanced warily the sasquatchs which is getting closer.

“Qiq qiq qiq you need not worry lady, you are in the safest place. And this is not just stuff, this is my car ..” The man said, while stroking the steering.

“And sasquatchs will not hit us, they just want to evict us, because they do not like spy by humans ..” The man said again.

“Haiih if it were true, you’d better run fast this car. I also no problem with that sasquatchs, I just can not stand the smell ..” said Falower.

The green object called car, start driving. But they do not feel any movement of the car, only sasquatchs who pursue them, look more smaller, until finally unseen.
The eyes of four students were now turning, pay attention to the inside of the car. Many times Chiki shuddered of disgust to see objects in the car, while the boys just grinned amused.

They also noticed that the car driver chatting with Falower. He was a bald-headed man, the shape of his head like a bulb.

He wore white gloves and shoes, which looks oversized to his feets. And the laughter sounds strange. They heard Falower call him Mr. Lamp.

“When my nose inhale pure air, I’m not so sure I was in the hidden forest. But when I saw you and sasquatchs, I knew I was in the hidden forest. You once told me, that you want to come here … “said Falower.

“Qiq qiq qiq you’re right, my real purpose here is to find something more classic, like the primordial naked women. Not by any means, I just wanted to see the curve only. Instead, I met with sasquatch .. “said Mr. Lamp

“So what makes you and the school childrens come here ..? “Asked Mr. Lamp.

“I do not know, we entered the Will hole and then we’re here ..” said Falower.

“Is there any one of you, who wishes to see hidden forest or see sasquatch ..? “Falower asked her new friends.

And they shook their heads as the answer.

“Haiiih, this is very strange, why Will Hole brought us here ..? ” Asked Falower, and tapped her forehead with finger.

“You should treat your friend legs bitten by ants, before swollen, she had been standing in poisonous ant nest ..” Mr. Lamp.

Falower invites Chiki to the back of the car, opened the small cupboard, shaped a woman’s body with the curve.

The cupboard shelves, filled with tubes and bottles of various sizes, as well shaped woman’s body, which contains multicolored liquid. Falower taking one of them, rubbing it to legs of Chiki.

” Is your friend a maniac ..? “Chiki whispered to Falower.

” Hihihi not, he was just an admirer of the female body ..” said Falower chuckled.

“Do not you ever feel afraid of him, er, I mean he is an admirer of the female body .. “said Chiki.

“Hehehe never, you could see my body does not curvy, so I was free of the views from people like him …” said Falower.

“Frankly, I’m not comfortable being in this car, I felt uncomfortable and embarrassed, seeing all these things ..” said Chiki.

“Haiihh actually me too, but I ignored it, I see it from the other side. I enjoyed it as someone who distinctively, unique and character … “said Falower.

“So how did you both meet and make friends ..? “Asked Chiki.

“We were met by forest, emm not, I found him through the forest. He loves forest, and I like him because his respect for forest. And then, in the name of forest we become friends .. ” said Falower smiling dreamily.


# Zombies Forest

“Your car is sophisticated, I do not feel the shocks since this car drove up, and I do not feel swerved to the left or to the right, while the car was turning to avoid trees ..” said Amatt.

“This car is not on the ground, it drifted, it also equipped with a powerful gravity until you can stand upright. I’m also using air and water that has been distilled into pure fuel, so do not make pollution. This car also soundproofed so does not interfere with the forest inhabitants .. “said Mr Lamp.

” Wow really cool, which company has made such a great car..? “Asks Matte.

“No company, I made it by myself. The materials of this car is  mixture of decayed trees, the leaves fall and the ground .. “said Mr. Lamp.

“Are you a scientist ..? “Asked Hunt.

“No, I was a taxi driver and a nature lover ..! “Mr. Lamp with pride.

Suddenly the car was shaken, and stopped.

“Something is going on with my car ..” said Mr. Lamp and he checked his car.

“What happened ..? “Said Falower.

“Just ran out of fuel, and its charging takes a long time ..” said Mr. Lamp.

“I’m going out to look around, you want to join ..? “Falower asked her friends.

And they came out of the car. They walked far enough yet, but sweat had flooded their bodies. They feel thirsty and overheated.

” Are you okay..? “Asks Matte staring worried to Falower, who’s sitting and leaning on a large rock while gasping.

“I can not breathe, I need some fresh air, I need oxygen ..” said Falower with voice falters.

“This is strange, whereas we were in the forest full of trees, but we are very hot and the air feels stuffy here ..” said Amatt.

“Not surprisingly, we were not in the forest, these trees are fake, and the forest in front of us is a stretched canvas with paintings of trees, grass and shrubs. We were on location filming, with the background of a forest .. “Hunt said.

And they look around the room which very large, with a variety of filming equipment.

“We need to get out of here and back to the car …” said Matte.

“Hey, where’s Chiki ..? “Asked Hunt, and they do not see Chiki around them.

“You find her and immediately returned to the car, I will bring Falower, I think her condition serious enough ..” said Matte.

Actually, Chiki was the first to realize that they were on location filming. She has not had time to tell her friends, when she saw her idol artist walked behind the canvas.

Chiki chased her and saw her entering a dressing room. With the thumping heart and happy, Chiki intended to meet her idol artist.

However, from the left she saw people walking approached, and she saw something different from these people. They move without rhythm with a blank stare but look scary.

“Run, Chiki ! They are zombies .. “Amatt shouted, and Chiki immediately ran after Amatt.

They see Hunt, who gave the sign toward the exit.

“Hurry up, they are everywhere ..! “Hunt shouted. And they ran as fast as possible to the car of Mr. Lamp.

Mr. Lamp immediately run his car, after they all entered.

“What happened to Falower ..? “Asked Chiki, when viewed Falower lying while wearing an oxygen mask.

“She difficulty breathing, the air in the false forest not good for her ..” said Matte.

“We’re chased by zombies, they are many and come from all directions. I think all the occupants of the building are zombies, really terrible .. “Chiki said with a shudder.

“Not surprisingly, false trees, false wood, false grass, if a place has no trees and leaves, then of course people of that place will become zombies ..” said Mr Lamp.

“I do not want to become part of the zombies ..” Amatt said seriously.

“So you know, what you have to do ..” said Mr. Lamp smile.

“I’m sorry, I did not mean to make you sick ..” Chiki said, sitting beside Falower who still lying.

“Did you find what you were looking for ..? “Falower asked with smile.

“Yes, and after I saw her up close, I felt proud of myself. I still remain a fan of her, but I do not want to be like her .. “Chiki said confidently, and they both smiled.


# Baby Tigers

Car drove slowly through the forest. They were enchanted by the scenery behind a glass window and immediately forget the zombies forest.

They see variety of animals, giant trees and rare plants along the way which they’ve been through.

“I wish I could look out without the barrier from this glass, I will feel more satisfied ..” said Amatt.

“Why not ..? “Said Mr Lamp, pinching a button and suddenly the roof of the car open.

“Wow your car so cool Mr. Lamp, I think it’s like a tour in the open nature, very exciting ..”

And they enjoy the tour with amazement, which can not be hidden.

“I do not believe these animals are still alive and wandering in front of us, whereas they had been considered extinct and living only in the form of fossils. “Said Amatt.

“Actually, they are not totally extinct, they migrate to the invisible forest. In this forest they can live and move freely, without fear because of the presence of humans … “said Mr Lamp.

“How could these giant animals can be scared by humans ..” Hunt said.

“In the forest where humans live is a daunting place for the animals. Humans hunting the animals under the pretext of security, but it is actually more of a pleasure … “said Mr Lamp.

“Human destroys house the animals, and to eliminate feelings of guilt, humans giving the animals a new home, but restricting their movement, such as an open prison. And I think it is more painful for them ..” said Mr Lamp.

And the conversation continued while the car drove.

“Woah look cute babies, they look more adorable in the wild ..” said Amatt.

“Please near your car to the babies, Mr Lamp. Just pull over, you do not need to turn off your machine, I just wanted to caress and hug them, I always dreamed of it … “said Amatt.

“With pleasure ..” said Mr. Lamp, while pulled over his car.

“Be careful, they are not the kittens, the mother can pounce on you, if you try to approach them ..” said Chiki warned.

“Not to worry, as Falower said, in this day they love Amatt, so it will not attack him …” Matte said grinning.

Amatt hands almost touching the tiger baby, but suddenly tigress roaring and crashing.

In shock Amatt jumped back, and crashed on Hunt who was standing near the wheel, they both fell. Hunt’s hand accidentally pressing a button. Suddenly the car drove at full speed.

“Everyone, hold on ! “Mr Lamp shouted, his hand on the steering wheel, trying to control the speed.

Mr Lamp managed to avoid a crash with a large rock. Car bounced, and landed with imperfect.

“Haiihh you’re driving like a child ..” said Falower.

“Qiq qiq qiq thanks for the compliment, I’m a great driver ..” said Mr Lamp.

“But you make me and my friend nearly pee in your car, fortunately, that large stone was not like your car ..” said Falower.

“Qiq qiq qiq, the important thing we’ve survived and land safely ..” said Mr Lamp.

“Safe ass, car landed in the river, and we will sink ..! “Chiki said anxiously.

” Worse ! we are not only going to drown, but also will become crocodile food ..! “Said Amatt panic.

Amatt and his friends stared in horror herd of crocodiles who gathered on land and along the river.

“Do not worry, we will not sink, the car is also friendly to the river ..” said Mr. Lamp smile proudly, and the car drove down the river.

” Wow, your car was so incredible Mr Lamp, it is an honor if I could try it ..” says Matte.

# Cannibal tribe

The trip and the scenery along the river spoil the eyes. Incessantly four students clucked and muttered amazed by what they see.

Voices in their minds contrasts with the silence of the forest. Their friends, it certainly would not trust with their adventures, and their minds filled with pride.

While others drowned in pride, Falower busy ruffled cupboard’s Mr Lamp and tried every stuff in it.

“Wow your binoculars is fun Mr Lamp, I could see through the trees and shrubs, it can be used to hunt fairy ..” Falower said, pointing binoculars to all directions.
“Haiihh look at the vegetarian men, I think they were a little shy. They do not dare to show themselves, just looking at us from behind trees and bushes ..” said Falower.

” Vegetarian men, you mean the cannibals, are they here ..? “Asked Hunt, his heart pounding fun when Falower answered with nodded.

“ Who, cannibals..? Everyone, take cover ..! “Said Mr Lamp shouted from behind the wheel.

Though wondered, they follow the orders of Mr Lamp. And their astonishment missed out, when viewing arrows and spears fly over their heads.

“Be careful, do not touch, it might be poisoned..! “Said Mr Lamp, some arrows fell on his car.

Hunt soon realized the situation, he saw his friends seek refuge, and quietly he moved to the back of the car.

This is the best opportunity to look directly cannibals men. He would record them very clearly through his eyes, and store it in his brain.
Hunt noticed of which direction the arrows come. He smiled remembering what he would tell of his friends.

Hunt stood unprotected, facing in the direction of the arrows. He saw an arrow sped right toward him, he fell slumped. And a scream sounded before he was unconscious.

Hunt saw the human cannibals swarming around him, he saw their black teeth when they grin.

Hunt thrashed when one of human cannibals was holding him, patting his cheeks, approached his face while showing a row of black teeth.
“Stay away from my face ..! “Hunt shouted.

“He was awake ..” Hunt heard the cannibal speak.

Hunt opened his eyes, and saw several pairs of eyes looking at him.

“Where are they …? “Asked Hunt, quickly got up and sat down.

“Haiihh, thank God you’re okay ..” said Falower smiling.

“You were unconscious because your head hit the car roof. You’re sloppy, you’re almost impaled the arrow when you stand up. Fortunately, Mr Lamp immediately close the roof of car .. “said Chiki explained.
“Why did you yell at me, I’m just patting your cheek slowly to make your sober up ..” said Amatt.

“I did not shouted to you, I’ve been dreaming one of cannibals approached me and grinned, and I can not stand to see the black teeth ..” Hunt said.

“Qiq qiq qiq even in a swoon, your friend still had time to dream ..” said Mr Lamp to Amatt. And they all laugh.
“Hey Matte, whether my teeth looked black ..? “Asked Amatt, he showed his teeth.

“I think you have to use tooth whitening ..” said Matte giggled, looked out from behind the wheel.

“Hey, watch your way ..” said Chiki warned.
But the warning too late, they saw the river branched, and the car turned toward the river with strong current.

The river which they are navigating began to narrow, while the flows increasingly heavy. Car began to feel shaky and moving wildly. big stones appeared blocking the car’s speed.

“Haiihhh, you let them drive the car in the danger river..” said Falower.

“Do not worry, I think they are quite proficient driving it, they were able to keep the pace of the car remains stable ..” said Mr Lamp.
Matte is assisted by his friends, driving with full concentration, avoiding collisions with big and steep stones.

“Wow this is really exciting, it’s just like playing games ..” Matte said, and his friends justifying.

And they made the car past the ferocious river. The river flow is not as swift as before. Car drove calmly. Matte returns steering to Mr Lamp.

The car past the row of elongated cliff which stands firmly along the river.

Falower as enchanted by the scenery of the cliff. With full concentration, she directed the binocular into the rock wall.
“Mr Lamp, whether your car has enough power to climb this cliff..? ” Falower asked Mr Lamp, without taking her eyes from the rock.

“Very powerful, do you want my car to climb the rock wall ..? “Mr Lamp asked.

“Right, I see the footprints of fairy, and it moves to the top of the cliff, the fairy definitely be behind this cliff ..! “Said Falower.

“Well, the passengers, you should look for strong grip, there will be a lot of shocks on our trip..! “Said Mr Lamp.
The car began to climb the high and steep cliffs. Falower eagerly continue to direct the binoculars to the stone walls. Horror and awe accompany their journey until the car finally arrived at the top of the hill.


# The Breathe Forest

Expanse of trees like green carpets that stretches penetrate the horizon, partly drowned in the blanket of fog, like smoke coming out of the nostrils of the giants.
“Haiihh, these binoculars are not functioning in the forest breathe, so clever that fairy was hiding there ..” said Falower talking to herself, smiling brightly.

“Breathe forest ..? “Hunt said, glancing Falower.

“Look, the forests that drowned in the fog, it was called the Breathe forest, and it’s not just a allusion, the forest is actually breathes and lives ..” said Falower.

“And one of secrets of the forest is that forest play an important role, keeps Earth round and sturdy, so as not to deviate from its axis ..” Falower said with a smile, she gladly tells the story without being asked.
“Forest keep earth with sincere bond. All trees grow will take root, and the roots will meet, hold and bind to one another, until finally fused, continue to connect up to cover the whole earth .. ”

“Even if the tree is no longer growing, the friendship between roots will not be interrupted. Because forests store a lot of energy reserves, and forest will provide energy to the roots without trees, so that they could still be alive and bind the earth .. “said Falower with pride, which is dedicated to the forest.

“It was interesting ..” Hunt said smiling.
“And other secret is, that forests provide a place for all kinds of creatures who was rejected in the human world, because they are considered strange creatures, or just imaginary beings for most humans. And their place is in the Breathe forest.. “Falower said in a serious tone.

“Wow it’s more interesting ..” said Amatt and Matte simultaneously.

Falower then continued tell the stories with more enthusiasm, about inhabitants of Breathe forest.

“Looks like you’re not interested in her story ..? ” Said Mr Lamp to Chiki who sat apart from her friends.

“I do not know, everything she told sounded strange in my ears ..” said Chiki.

“Qiq qiq qiq you’re a careful observer ..” said Mr Lamp.
“So you agree with me that everything she said was just her imagination ..? “Chiki said.

“I do not think so, my opinion she is a creative person ..” said Mr Lamp.

“All I know about creative people is that they prefer to manipulate reality and prefer to lie …” said Chiki.

“Qiq qiq qiq you really have extensive knowledge, but does not have enough imagination ..” said Mr. Lamp

And their conversation was interrupted by shouts Falower.

“Mr Lamp, whether your car can take us to Breathe forest ..? ”


# The Aliens

Cars move quietly penetrate the thick fog. Silence dominate their journey. They feel the silence in foggy humid air. The silence that surrounds deep into their hearts and minds.

But the silence began to melt as the fog thinned and finally disappeared, the scenery began to clear. The car drove slowly, moving between diversity of forest dwellers.

Falower smiled at the expression of her four friends who reacted by the sights they saw. Muffled shouts, open-mouthed, wide-eyed, frowning, even rubbed eyes were done, as if they saw just a hallucination.
“Creatures that exist in fairy tale books, I thought it was just the imagination of the authors only, it turns out they really exist ..” Hunt said.

“That’s why the tale of these creatures never drowning, even growing and increasingly popular, because something is written based on the fact, it will feel more alive, than just fairy tales are made based only on the imagination ..” said Falower smiling.

“You’d better keep your feet stick to the floor of the car, so that you do not thrown when the car surprised ..! “Said Mr Lamp warning.

” What if I just stick my butt on the chair, I feel sore after a long-standing ..” said Falower while sitting.
“The chair was too high, if you sit your feet will not stick on the floor of the car ..” said Mr Lamp.

“Haiihh you’re right …” said Falower.

But before her feet rests, the car suddenly shaken and then shot off at high speed, until make Falower thrown from her seat.

Finally car can be controlled and Mr Lamp park it on the height of a tree branch.

“What happened ..? “Matte said, after freed from shock.

“I have set my car to avoid things that are unwanted, the car will move by itself when it detects such things ..” said Mr Lamp.
“Hey, I did not find Falower ..” Chiki said, looking around the car anxiously.

“Maybe she was thrown off when the car is moving, but not to worry she would be fine ..” Mr Lamp said calmly.

“How can you be sure she would be fine ..? “Asked Chiki.

“Because she was proficient in setting her mind with fun things, and happy mind can keep her away from danger …” said Mr Lamp.

“Oh, so she always manipulating fears with pleasant thoughts, no wonder the mess she says fun …” said Chiki
“Hey what are you talking about ..? “Asked Amatt.

“Qiq qiq qiq somethiiiing that could make you admired ..” said Mr. Lamp

“Wow how …? “Asked Amatt

“Try to wear underwear on your head and walk using both hands, show the people that you do it with pleasure …” said Mr Lamp seriously.

“If I do that then I will be called a crazy man..” Amatt said grinning.

“Qiq qiq qiq may be, but people always admire crazy people..” said Mr Lamp.
“Actually, what is avoided by this car ..? “Asked matte.

“Shhhh do not move and lower your voice, do not let they look towards us ..” said Mr. Lamp in a low voice, pointing to an accompaniment who is moving beneath them.

“You mean the cloaked humans, who they are ..? “Asks Matte.

“They are not human, they are creatures of the sky ..” said Mr Lamp.

” Oh wow they are Aliens, I want to see them up close ..! “Said Matte could not restrain his joy.

“Sshhh do not be noisy, they are not creatures who can be invited compromise, they will destroy your brain if they caught you see them ..” said Mr Lamp.
“But this is the best opportunity to prove their existence, I have long dreamed of seeing them directly …” said Matte.

“You can see them at a glance, but after that they will erase the memory in your brain, you would not remember at all what you see and you hear, your brain is completely empty of events ever since you were born until today, you would not be have any memories about your family, your friends, your life. Is that what you want ..? “Said Mr Lamp.

“Brother, mom would be very sad if it happens to you ..” said Chiki, holding Matte’s hand.
“All right, but hopefully one of the aliens forget buttoning the cloak until I could see them, even if only their butt ..” Matte said grinning.

“Qiq qiq qiq we expect the same, but I want who forgot buttoned cloak is lady alien, I want to see the curve of her ..” said Mr. lamp.

While Mr Lamp and the boys giggled, Chiki just grunted.

four leaf

# Four Leaf Clover

A strange howling sound faint, increasingly loud. They see the sound was coming from above, something will fall on them.

Mr Lamp quickly pressed a button, and a net stretched across the top of the car. Big smile painted on her face, when she landed on top of the net.

“Haiiihhh really fun to see you again ..” Falower said cheerfully.

“Do you know, this is really a very fun adventure for me, because I do it with you all …” said Falower without intending to stop her words.
“Do you know, when I was thrown, I hit the fairy. That means I had catch fairy and he should grant three wishes. But fairy refuse me, with reason I bumped into him and not catch him .. “said Falower without giving an opportunity for others to speak.

“And do you know, after a long debate finally fairy gave me something, in exchange of the three wishes ..” said Falower.

” But do you know, our head become stiff if we continue to hear your story, while lifted head …” said Amatt to Falower who spoke at the top of the net.

“Qiq qiq qiq, I hope fairy gives liniment, to stretch heads of your friends ..” said Mr Lamp.
And after lowering the nets and Falower, Mr Lamp turn on the car. And car slowly down from the top of tree.

“So what was the fairy granted to you ..? “Asked Hunt.

“This ..” Falower took a wooden box out of her clothes and gave it to Hunt.

Hunt held and flipping through the wooden box. Thin fog began to envelop the forest, increasingly thicker.

Suddenly the car hit a limb and slid out of control. This time the car threw all passengers out.

“Haiiiihh, this is really very fun day, is not it ..? “Falower shouts sounded faint, swallowed dark mist.
They were surprised because they land on the ground without feeling pain, although they fell from a high place. And they were more surprised, because they were under the big tree behind the school, where they gather at recess.

School guard who’s patrolling, turning his head with curious face, but soon left when seeing the faces who have been known.

“I’m still holding a box of Falower ..” Hunt said. With curiosity they immediately opened the wooden box.

“Four leaf clover ..” said Chiki, taking fresh plants from inside the box.

“Look there is writing inside the box ..” said Amatt. And Matte read it aloud.

“As long as you conserve nature, the forest will greet you with friendship.”

🙂 😉




Mulih ka desa or back to the village.
After so many years living in the city, I went back to the countryside. Actually not a problem for me to stay anywhere, city or village.
Because it did not take long for me, to adapt with new environment, I have often moved away.
Even so, feels there are many differences between life in the city and in the village.
In village where I live now, I can enjoy the fresh air every day, without pollution.
Every morning, I was able to enjoy the green scenery of trees and mountains, warm sun and bright blue sky.
Crowing and birdsong is a natural alarm that always wakes me up in the morning. While the sound of crickets, frogs and other nocturnal animals are natural music as lullabies.

If in the city I am accustomed with the facilities of vehicles, which makes it easy to go anywhere quickly, in village I had to accustom myself walk.
Vehicles are not so needed, except for long distance travel or emergency.
In village, people are not racing against time. Each step will be followed by a greeting and friendly smile of neighbors or people who are passing. Even sometimes, the step is stopped by short chat.

If in the city I could visit big Malls, until I could get spend hours in it, though only to look around without intending to shop.
In the village there are only a traditional market, which does not take a lot of time, even to get around the entire area. No McDonalds or Dunkin Donuts, but we will be presented by the traditional meals, which are very cheap with a variety of flavors.

There is really no reason for me, to say not bear to live in the village. Village with nature facilities, and all the simplicity really made me very comfortable. I feel very healthy.

Except for one thing so I regret. In village I could not hunt good books discounted, because there are no big bookstores. And if that in mind, I think I want to go back again stay in city.



I said, ” You have to help me find a new place for me, a place where there are no people who like to gossip and criticize what I do ..”

My sister said, ” Well, if I heard on the moon has begun to build an apartment, I’ll order one place for you to stay there ..”

I scowl and say, ” It’s not funny, you do not understand how uncomfortable my life right now, because of the words and criticism from people around me, who do not agree with my actions. What they know about me and what I do, they usually just argue and judge .. ”

I grumble, shed all my vexation while my sister patiently listening.

My sister put herself as a bestfriend. So she would be happy to accept my visit, even though she knew I just came with bring complaints and problems.

Actually, it’s not easy sharing difficulties with my sister. In return I had to listen to my sister storytelling

She is a storyteller and really love classic stories. She said, that in every story there is a lot of wisdom and lessons to be learned.

After she had enough to hear my complaint, then she began to storytelling.

Once upon a time, there are an old man and his son, they were riding a donkey would go to town.

When they arrived at the first crowd, people say,

” Look, what a unfortunate donkey, how it had to withstand heavy loads ridden by two people, what a heartless rider ..”

The old man were embarrassed to hear their chatter, then he was walking while leading a donkey and let his son ride the donkey.

When they arrived at the second crowd, people say,

” Look, what a not politely young man, he comfortably riding a donkey, and let old man walks lead donkey ..”

Then his son was embarrassed to hear their chatter, he walk lead donkey, while his father sat on donkey.

When they arrived at the third crowd, people say,

“Look, what a heartless man, while he comfortably seated on donkey and let a child walk and lead donkey ..”

Then the old man felt embarrassed to hear their chatter. Finally, they both walk while leading donkey.

When they arrived at the fourth crowd, people say and laugh,

” Look at the two fools, they have a vehicle that is donkey, but they do not ride it ….”
My sister round out the story, and then she asked me,

” From the four comments, which is the most interesting comments …? “

” I’m more inclined to the fourth comment, that the two people are stupid, they had a vehicle but instead walk ..” I answered.

” So you are not interested in three other comments..? ” Asked my sister.

” No, I think the three comments that are useless, just nosy comments that prevent journey of the rider donkey ..” I answered.

” I actually think that the fourth comment is not useful at all, while three other comments, it caught my attention …” Said my sister

” Why you think so …? ” I asked,

” Because it could be the first comment come from the voice of the animal lovers. While the second comment is the voice of those who appreciate good manners. And the third comment is the voice of those who care about the welfare of children …” Said my sister,

” And I think the fourth comment, totally useless, because out of the mouths from people who could only laugh at the sight of awkwardness, without finding out what is the cause …” Said my sister again.

” Do you mean ..? ” I asked.

” Just focus on what you believe, let people around you babbling, take the good for you and ignore the rest ..” Said my sister.
” Yes, but the reality is not as easy as it is. There are more than four crowd who should I passed and I got to hear all of their comments, it hurts and makes me down, I can not stand it …” I said.

” It means you must be ready to find new place, and start a new life in new neighborhood with new people. As before, every time you feel down and do not get along with your neighborhood. And if you do it again, then forever you’re only going to lead donkey, without get in any city … ” Said my sister,

I was silent, my sister was right. I was too worried with the chatter of people, and I make myself difficult. I’ve been too easy to give up, without giving myself a chance to survive.

I smiled quietly, agree with my sister. But I do not want to look easily that I accept her advice, I want to annoy her, so I pretended to pout and grumble,

I said, ” If you who became the owner of the donkey and must pass through more than four crowd who comments, you must be confused as me …”

Suddenly her daughter who was 6 years old, who had been engrossed with her sketchbook, approached me and said ..

” Aunt, mom said that donkey was a kind of horse, but smaller ..” Said my niece.

” Yes, and ..? ” I said, curious about what she would say,

” If you were riding along with monkey and horse feel tired, you should let the monkey sitting on horse, and you have to lift horse with your hands, and those who see will smile at you because you’re amazing …” Said my niece,

” Dear, horse is big and heavy animal, no one can lift horse with one hand ….” I smiled and grabbed her.

” But Pippi Langstrump could, she could lift Mr. Nilsson and horse only with one hand …” Said my niece,

My sister and I laughed,

” My daughter is smarter than you ..” Said my sister.

But I pretended not to hear her, because I’d like to hear my niece story about her favorite figure, that is Pippi Langstrump.